• COVID - 19 Protocols for Glen Rose School District

    In an effort to prevent the spread of the COVID 19 virus within our staff and student body,  we are asking all students (PK to 12th), employees, and visitors to wear a mask properly while indoors, on school provided transportation, and encourage masks to be worn outside where social distancing cannot be maintained.  We also are asking all parents or guardians to screen your children prior to sending them to school (Please see the STOP the SPREAD Tool below).   We also ask parents/guardians to notifiy our building point of contact (Notice of Exposure or Positive Form ) immediately when the following occurs:

    -Your student tests positive 

    -Someone in your household tests positive

    -Your student has been identified by the Arkansas Department of Health as a close contact to someone OUTSIDE of school who has tested positive for COVID 19

    In order to better serve both Students & Parents, Glen Rose School District is taking steps to allieviate traffic in our nurse's office.   We have created a separate email address for each building that you may use to contact the building point of contact directly for your student's grade.  We ask that you initially email the following addresses so that we may contact you in the order that your information has been received if you have additional questions that are not answered in the resources listed below.

    Elementary - Grades K - 4th Email: covides@grbeavers.org

    Middle School - Grades 5th - 8th Email: covidms@grbeavers.org

    High School - Grades 9th - 12th Email: covidhs@grbeavers.org

    Glen Rose Mask Plan

    ADH - Stop the Spread Tool

    Covid Guidelines from the Arkansas Department of Health

    COVID - 19 Frequently asked Questions

    Communitcation Flow Chart

    Notice of Exposure or Positive Online Form

    When to Quarantine?

    Isolation (Positive Case)

    COVID 19 Data by School District


COVID 19 Resources

COVID - 19 Protocols

  • COVID numbers for the week of 10/18/21 - 10/22/21

    Staff Positive: 0
    Staff Quarantined: 0
    Students Positive: 0
    Students Quarantined: 1
    These are not cummlative numbers.  There were two students absent from school due to positive or quaratine status.