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Welcome to Glen Rose High School!

  • Attention Seniors!!!!

    Senior Itinerary

    Click the senior itinerary link above to find out important information about senior events and graduation!

    Keep an eye on your emails and regular mail.

    Lottery Scholarship emails to accept will come out soon.  You must ACCEPT!!

    Please, please bring us a copy (or Mr. Finley will make one) of any schloarships accepted to the one college you plan to attend!!  You can also forware the emails to:

    Award and recognition night is fast approaching!!!!


    Attention All Students!!!!

    Pay attention to the remaining ACT tests dates, particularly those interested in taking concurrent credit through COTO etc., next year.

                                           Register by:

    June 10                             May 5




  • Susan Blockburger, Principal

    Phone:  501-332-3694

    Fax:  501-332-3902